In game model supplied by licencor.  This Maliwan Pistol was chosen from a handful of different weapon styles from Borderlands.
First 3D model built from referencing game images.
Brief 3D build in Solidworks of the process.
3D Print of this replica weapon was a crucial part of the process of making sure size and scale was accurate.
We found that the natural design of the gun from the game was not ergonomically sound.  We had to re-position the trigger, thumb loop and hand grip to work correctly.  With this change, internal parts were re-positioned to fit correctly.
Basic call outs for color, material and finish.  This also included a major decision in the project to add cell shading (like in the game) or not.
Laser-tech hexagon placement on 3D model
Sample of finished working prototype minus some art deco.
Keyshot rendering transition from clay base to full color.
Final renderings from Keyshot, touch ups in Adobe Photoshop.

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